7.5 Magnum Straight Tail Worm

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7.5 Magnum Straight Tail Worm


The 7.5″ Magnum Straight Tail worm comes scented, and this is a versatile big fish bait! Texas rig it, wacky rig it, or throw it on a shaky head and hold on!

Quantity: 10 Count


The SGT., Green Pumpkin, Watermelon Candy, Black/Blue, Marty Party


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Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, and Spotted Bass.


Shallow to deep, it doesn’t matter. Find structure, such as docks, brush piles, pads, and more, and you’ll likely find a hungry bass waiting for an easy, big meal.


This is a great Spring time bait, but can be used for a good part of the year, and just about all day, even through the night.


A sureset way to use this bait is to rig up a 4/0-6/0 EWG with a varying sized worm weight, depending on the depth of the water, and cast it out, let it sink, and slowly hop it back to you. You can even drag it to you, if you prefer, depending on the structure on the bottom. Don’t forget that it’s a heck of a presentation on a wacky rig or shaky head.