Frog Bomb

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Frog Bomb


The Frog Bomb is a heavy, paddle style footed frog. Designed for topwater, and to disrupt a calm morning through the pads. Big bass love a frog and the commotion they bring to the table!

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Bullfrog, Just Natural, Smokin' Gun, White, El Perro, Chartreuse Jayko


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Largemouth Bass for the most part, however, other species have been known to take frogs, as well. Redfish, Pike, and many more.


Generally meant for a topwater action, you can also swim this below the surface, keeping it in the top water column. Great around lily pads, grass, laydowns, riprap, and other standout structures.


Generally a Spring and Fall application, however, a frog can be used just about year-round, as long as the temp doesn’t drop too far below 58 degrees for too long.


Throw the Frog Bomb just like you would a buzzbait. If you’re throwing it in the pads, a stop and go method is a good one to keep in mind, while other times a steady retrieve is sometimes better. If you come up on an opening in the pads, stop, twitch, and go all while in the hold. If steady retrieving, use a slow to moderate retrieve, often times just enough to keep the frog above water. Rig it up on a 5/0 EWG hook and get ready!