KO Punch Swimbait

KO Punch Swimbait

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The KO Punch Swimbait is a 4″ solid body swimbait that comes in two variations: Painted or Glitter. The Painted variation is hand-painted after the mold is completed, then cleared over so that the paint holds it’s natural beauty! The Glitter series is poured and stacked with glitter to give it the ultimate flash in the water enticing even the most finicky predator fish!

Quantity: 5 Count


Blackback Minnow, Bluegill, Lovely Lady, Money Shad, Yellow Perch, Emerald City, Gold Mine, Pepper Crush, Plum Crush, Shattered Perch, Smokin' Gun

2 reviews for KO Punch Swimbait

the yellow perch swim bait will do some damage down here in south La

The KO Punch Swimbait are game changers!!! These swimbaits not only LOOK good, but are durable!!! Definitely worth the money!!!

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Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Spotted Bass, Stripers, Hybrid Bass, and more.


Target grass flats or areas where structure presents itself, such as docks, rock piles, and standing timber. This is also a great open water presentation.


This is a great middle of the spawn bait, when fish are coming and going to and from the beds, and even all the way through the Fall.


Using a swimbait styled jighead is the go-to for any presentation. Appropriately adjusting the size of the weight according to the depth you’d like to fish. You can move up to a 5/0 or 6/0 EWG and Texas Rig it for a weedless presentation, working it through grass and dollar pads, or other structure, as well.