Stealth Worm

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Stealth Worm


The Stealth Worm is a slender, smooth worm that tapers down to a flat, pointed tail. It can mimic a number of difference species of bait, such as shad, perch, or other baitfish in your area.

Quantity: 10 Count


Watermelon Candy, Okie Bug, Marty Party, Green Pumpkin, Watermelon Gold/Red, Watermelon Seed


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Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Spotted Bass, Walleye, Saugeye, Crappie and other Panfish.


Surface to deep water. Great in structure and open water. Find bait schools, wood, timber, and other areas. Open water humps are a great place to start!


A great year-round presentation, it’s a mainstay in the tacklebox. Any season, any weather.


What’s great about this particular worm, you can use it in just about any presentation combination. Dropshot, shaky head, texas rig, weightless, wacky rig; you name it, it’s possible! Generally speaking, you should go with a 1/0-4/0 hook size and weight according to the depth you’re fishing.