The Jester

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The Jester


NEW for 2019! The Jester grub is the laid back twin of the Joker skirted grub. Coming in at 3.5”, this coffee scented grub will entice the bite. Absolutely dangerous in any kind of forage.

Quantity: 10 Count


Green Pumpkin Seed, Nova, Bruiser, Watermelon Red, Watermelon Seed


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Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Spotted Bass, Stripers, Hybrid Bass.


Anywhere you would throw a texas rig you can use the Jester grub. Shallow or deep.


The Jester grub can be used as a craw imitation therefore whenever the fish are on crawfish for forage this bait would be a good choice or as a jig trailer


The Jester grub is an excellent jig trailer, but also a mainstay on the texas rigged setup. Using a worm weight or even a punch weight when heavy mats are present. It can also be used on a shaky head for a unique, lifted claw presentation.