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KJ’s Wakebait is ideal for a perch or shad imitation. Working across the subsurface, the broad, short lip on the bait creates a wake that will attract and annoy fish for days. Paired up with #4 Mustad Triple Grip Treble Hooks.


Blackback Minnow, Blueback Herring, Bluegill, Chartreuse Love Lady, Jay's Special, Lovely Lady, Mista Bone, Yellow Perch, SH-1, Yellow Blackback

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I absolutely love the Kjscustomlures WakeBaits!! When I find the fish are on a top water bite then my weapon of choice is definitely the Wakebait!!!

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Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Spotted Bass, Sand Bass, Hybrid Striped Bass, and Stripers.


Work it just below the surface, in 6-8’ of water or less. Focus on ambush points around structure, such as grass lines, standing timber, riprap and similar structures.


Mid-Spring, once the water reaches the 60’s, you can have a steadily, fast retrieve. It will work throughout the year until late fall.


Use a stop and go method, or just a steady retrieve, and water will be pushed like a barge moving through a small river.